To close the gap that currently exists between having a mock trial program at your school and the road-blocks you might be facing. Mock Trial Nerd is here to empower and enable students, teacher-coaches, and nerds-alike to  implement a program at your school with confidence.

Who This Website is For:


Whether you tried out for mock trial just to dramatically say “Objection, Your Honor!” in court or you genuinely want to know the difference between an opening statement and a closing argument, you're in luck.


If you would love to bring mock trial to your school or organization --- or you’d like to uplevel the program you already have (and wish you knew with certainty when your students are allowed to object), you've come to the right place.

Why I Do This:

I first heard about mock trial when I was a brand-new lawyer. And by “brand-new”, I mean literally I’d been licensed for a month.

A colleague forwarded me an email and she wrote, in capital letters, something like: “THIS IS A GREAT PROGRAM. YOU SHOULD VOLUNTEER.” It was an email from the county bar association asking for lawyers to volunteer to be scorers for the county high school mock trial competition.

At this point in my career, I hadn’t yet seen a trial. At all.

When I read this email, I thought volunteering would be a good way to get courtroom experience. I jumped at the chance to see a trial from beginning to end – even if it was a trial done by high school students for a made-up case.

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At the competition, I was absolutely FLOORED by how amazing these high school students were:
The witnesses were so much fun to watch and everyone played their roles in a completely believable, real-life way.
The student attorneys putting on an actual trial – arguing a motion, making an opening statement, calling witnesses, cross-examining them, making objections – EVERYTHING!

They were doing things that I, as a licensed attorney, had not yet done myself. I knew right away that I had to be more involved in this program.

I reached out to the bar association and learned there were quite a few schools looking for attorney coaches. I picked the school closest by.

The teacher coach at this school invited me to their next practice and told me that the pretrial team could really use some support. During the pretrial phase of a mock trial, students make arguments using Constitutional amendments and real Supreme Court cases that interpret the Constitution. This was right up my alley, so I got right to work with the two students assigned to argue the pretrial motion. And voila - I was officially a mock trial coach!